When Homeworld was losing battles during the war, they had scientists upgrade weaponry with evil methods. She was forced to use the pieces of fallen enemies and comrades to create monstrosities. Eventually, she became desensitized to it and became a mad scientist. She even invented a type of bullet that would lodge itself in the victim and take control of the body. The host could not combat it and was their slave. Eventually, she was deemed useless by Homeworld and sent into space in an escape pod with nothing but herself, her journal and her pouch of gem shards. When she crash- landed on Earth, Homeworld had examined her lab and found a incomplete experiment. They tasked Peridot with completing it. As soon as Homeworld realized that there was a chemical reaction issue in the Gem Shard fusion, they poofed her and brought her back as a prisoner. Eventually, she fixed the issue and was locked away until the war was lost. She was then tortured and punished until she was an ideal scientist and warrior. Her memory was partially wiped, removing her memory of the Gem Shard fusion and let free to wander as a normal Homeworld citizen. Eventually, she was sent back to her lab and continued to work until she was alerted that Jasper and Peridot failed.


Crappy Xeno drawing by UC