This is UC's fanfic.

Chapter One: New To The World Edit

I opened my eyes to see a world not what I was used to. It was so... big! And rather cold. A penguin picked me up, wrapped me in something warm and fuzzy, then handed me to someone else. The other penguin (who turned out to be my mom) held me up so I could see her face, and she could see mine. She then said "Awwh, hello darling! I'm your mommy!" She then turned to another penguin (who was my dad) and asked "What should we name our newest Ryder?" The other penguin then said "Hmm... how about Peri?" My mumu then said "That's perfect!" She then looked at me and said "Welcome to the family Peri." I smiled back.

Chapter Two: My Home Sweet Home, And Some Clothes! Edit

I woke up to find myself in yet another new place. My mother carried me to where some other people were standing. "Kids, this is your new sister, Peri" she said. The group of people around me looked at me and said how cute I was. I needed a mirror. My mom then carried me to my room, and gave me some clothes. She put a shiny golden thing on my head. "This is your tiara!" she said. She then put a "dippy" on me, and a purple sweater over it. She slipped a soft green scarf around my neck, and green sneakers on my feet. She then gave me a turtle plush saying "This is Turtle. He was made just for you." I smiled.

Chapter Three: Peri's A Genius! (Title makes nu sense) Edit

(Two months have passed)

I was laying in my crib, playing with Turtle and trying to sit up as always. But something amazing happened. On one of my attempts to sit on my own, I did it! I tried to say "Mom! I sat up!" but I knew that she would only hear gibberish. Worth a shot though. But she did hear me, and came in. She yelled "Kids! Bobby! Peri's sitting up!" A group of people rushed in, and my father said to me "Awwh, you're growing up." and smiled. I smiled back.